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Brass Barb Fitting
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Plastic Barb Fitting
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Brass/Plastic Barb Fittings

Fast, Reliable Connections

Barb Fittings create a tight, reliable seal when used with our #893 Vacuum Tubing in vacuum bagging and resin infusion applications. They can be threaded into the #910-A Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector or other vacuum bagging components to reduce the use of hose clamps. Both fittings feature a 12" threaded diameter on one end, with a 14" barb on the opposite.

  • #2220 Brass Barb Fitting is designed to handle harsh working conditions or production-style applications. It is included with our T-Attachment Assemblies (#898-A, #2218-A) and Bleedoff Valve Assembly (#902-A).
  • #901-A Plastic Barb Fitting is included with our 1/8 HP and 1/16 HP Starter Pumps (#1188-A, #888-A) and our Vacuum Generators (#1148-A, #2229-A), and may need to be replaced after continued use.

This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in an envelope or a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.
Brass/Plastic Barb Fittings Each fitting is sold by the unit (#2220-A & #901-A) and by the dozen (#2220-B & #901-B).