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    1/8 x 32 x 48 - Damaged Sheet
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Superior Mechanical and Insulative Properties

DIAB closed cell vinyl foams are valued for their superior structural and mechanical properties. These foams are often used as a structural sandwich core for weight-sensitive aircraft and automotive applications. They combine ultra-low weight, improved stiffness, and impact resistance.

At 3 lb./cubic foot, the density of these foams is similar to that of industry honeycombs, though strength properties do not match up to costlier honeycomb alternatives.

  • Extremely easy to handle, including cutting, shaping, and thermoforming with a heat gun or oven
  • Used to build bulk rapidly, or bond individual sheets to provide additional thickness in target areas
  • Insulative and water resistant
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins

The different thicknesses we offer are tailored to different applications:

  • 18" thick foam is best used for laminates that require only additional impact resistance or parts with a small cross-section.
  • 38" thick foam offers additional strength and impact resistance without adding significant weight; it's well suited for making reinforced vertical components or walls.
  • 12" thick foam offers the highest strength to a composite part.; applications usually include structural components like flooring and exterior paneling.

DIAB Divinycell H45 3 lb. density sheets measure 32" X 48".

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