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  • CC-1583-4
    30" Wide - 4 Yard
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Visible Before and After Cure

Econostitch® Peel Ply creates a uniform, textured surface finish for your laminate that reduces or eliminates the need for sanding or scuffing your part once the bagging process is complete. It features a fine weave but when laid directly next to your laminate in lay-up, it allows excess resin and air to flow through, eliminating voids in your parts. Econostitch features red tracers which allow it to be visible before and after a cure, reducing the possibility of the peel ply being left on the part.

  • Scoured, heat set, and coated with a release agent for easy release from your finished part
  • Can be used with temperatures up to 375°F
  • Compatible with all of the resins on our website.
  • 60" wide
  • 0.006" thick

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5 star rating

Econo-Stitch Peel-Ply

Apr 23, 2021  |  By Lee Johnson

Red tracer strands make layout & layup easy. Releases nicely from epoxy laminating resin; no more tug-of-war!

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