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    60" Wide - 3 Yard Package
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Perfed and Non-perfed for Resin Control

Our Low Temperature Release Film makes for an easy release of vacuum bagging materials from your part once the process is complete. When used directly next to your laminate, it generally produces a smoother, glossy surface finish for your part (although it can be used on top of peel ply within a set-up). This Release Film is suited for use in temperatures up to 315°F, and is available in two different styles:

  • #1580 Perforated Release Film features small holes 0.045" in diameter across the surface, each 12" apart, that allow air and excess resin to pass through.
  • #1781 is a solid sheet, with no perforations. Resin content can be more closely controlled, as resin within the laminate stays there.

Both come in a 60"-wide sheet, and can be used with all of the resins on our website.

This release film is approximately 0.001" thick.

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