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System 1000 Laminating Epoxy Resin - Clearance

Tough Epoxy for Quick Repairs and Fabrication

System 1000 Epoxy resin is an easy to use epoxy system with two hardeners providing different working times and a variety of uses. This system has a very low mixed viscosity, so it will quickly wet out fiberglass, carbon and aramid fibers when laminating, allowing for a more rapid fabrication. System 1000 outperforms other general purpose and quick-turnaround epoxies. Cured parts yield a very high heat resistance, so they are more stable for long-term use, even for problem-prone applications.

Two high performance hardener systems are available for the System 1000 resin, 10 minute and 25 minute pot life versions. This added variety allows the fabricator to select the system best suited to the size, complexity, or time-frame of the project. Simple parts or quick repairs should use the 10 minute hardener. Larger and more complex parts can use the 25 minute pot life hardener.

In addition, this resin is also specially formulated for excellent moisture resistance for parts, making it ideal for the construction or repair of boat hulls or other marine applications.

  • Need to make a quick repair? #1010 Hardener offers a fast, 10-minute pot life.
  • For general purpose fabrication, select the #1025 Hardener with a 25-minute pot life.
  • Both systems offer a low mixed viscosity for a quick and easy wet-out.
  • Low viscosity makes it easy to mix System 1000 with fillers for greater strength where needed.

PLEASE NOTE: System 1000 is not suited for use with Chopped Strand Mat, as the mat contains a binder that prevents proper bonding with epoxy. Use polyester or vinyl ester resin with Chopped Strand Mat.

First, select the amount of System 1000 Resin that you will need. Then select your needed curing agent or combination of curing agents.

Mixing Ratios:

1010 Hardener: 10 Minute Pot Life

Mix Ratio By Weight: 100:19

Mix Ratio By Volume: 5:1

1025 Hardener: 25 Minute Pot Life

Mix Ratio By Weight: 100:17.5

Mix Ratio By Volume: 5:1

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