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Can (16.75 oz)
3M Super 77™ Spray Adhesive

Creates Strong, Temporary Bonds

3M Super 77™ Adhesive Spray works great to bond sheets of foam together, or to securely position materials within a vacuum bagging layup.

When working with foam, this adhesive is strong but can be repositioned for several days, allowing you to get the corrected piece sculpted into shape.

Super 77™ creates a minimal bond line compared to any other adhesive – necessary for sanding two sections together. In the event you make a mistake, simply cut out a 90° piece and glue in another piece.

3M Super 77™ Spray Adhesive (#1404-A) can be shipped via standard ground service without hazard charges within the 48 contiguous United States. 3M Super 77™ Spray Adhesive will be subject to a hazard charge if shipped by air. Please see our Hazardous Shipping Chart for more information about hazard fees. We will consolidate items whenever possible to minimize these fees.
3M Super 77™ Spray Adhesive Spray Adhesive is sold by the unit.