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Item Price Qty
1 Pint Paper (Sleeve of 25)
1 Pint Paper (Sleeve of 50)
1 Pint Paper (Box of 500)
1 Pint Paper (Case of 1000)
1 Pint Plastic (Sleeve of 25)
1 Pint Plastic (Case of 500)
1 Pint Paper & Plastic Mixing Tubs

Convenient Mixing Cups for the Shop

These one-pint (16 oz.) cups make it easy to mix thoroughly in-hand. Keep a stack of each on the shelf, along with wooden Mixing Sticks and Paddles (#58, #511, #512) or Plastic Stirrers (#2333).

  • Extra rigid paper cups stand up to resins, but not acetone; they're poly-lined, inside and out, to avoid sogginess.
  • Clear plastic cups withstand resins, thinners, and solvents.

The single sleeves of cups (#885-A, #885-C, #510-A), when ordered alone, will typically ship in a medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.

Boxes and cases (#885-B, #885-D, #510-B) will ship in a large box.
1 Pint Paper & Plastic Mixing Tubs

One Pint Paper Mixing Tubs are sold in a sleeve of 25 (#885-A), a sleeve of 50 (#885-C), a box of 500 (#885-B), and a case of 1000 (#885-D).

One Pint Plastic Mixing Tubs are sold in a sleeve of 25 (#510-A) and a case of 500 (#510-B).