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  • CC-06631
    1/8" x 32" x 48" - Crack in Foam
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Highest-Strength Sandwich Core, Form with Heat

Looking to make a strong composite part? DIAB closed cell vinyl foam is an ideal sandwich core where ultimate laminate strength is critical. With compressive strengths over 200 psi, the 5 lb./cubic foot foam offers more strength to a laminate than other lightweight core materials, like honeycomb, while adding only slightly more weight. Because it is still significantly lighter than other traditional options, 5 lb. foam is used extensively in high-strength structural building, aerospace, and design applications.

  • Extremely easy to handle; cut, shape, and thermoform with a heat gun or oven
  • Used to build bulk rapidly; bond individual sheets to provide additional thickness in target areas
  • Insulative and water resistant
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins

Many customers experiment with various thicknesses and densities of foam to find the correct balance between part weight and strength. However, each thickness is well suited for a number of traditional applications.

DIAB Divinycell H80 5 lb. density sheets measure 32" X 48".

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