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  • 1/4" Chopped Glass Fibers

    Build Strength for Resin Systems
    5 star rating
    These longer glass fibers are used to increase tensile and compressive properties of any resin, and even other...
  • 1/32 Inch Milled Glass Fibers

    Small Fibers for High-Strength Parts
    This milled glass fiber features smaller 16 micron fibers when compared to our 1 ⁄ 16 " mill... 
  • 1/16 Inch Milled Glass Fibers

    Short Fibers with High-Strength Results
    5 star rating
    Mix this milled glass with any resin, body filler, or casting material to increase strength, bulk, and dimensional...
  • 1/4" Chopped Graphite Fibers

    Localize Strength for High-Performance Parts
    5 star rating
    Our chopped carbon fiber is commonly compounded with resins to create an easily molded composite material that is...
  • Glass Microspheres

    Lightweight, Sandable Filler for Surface Layers
    5 star rating
    When blended with resin, these hollow glass spheres make a lightweight, sandable filler, perfect for filling in...
  • Kevlar® Pulp

    Reinforce High-Impact Areas
    5 star rating
    Reinforce High-Impact Areas Kevlar ® Pulp is the lightest of the fillers and highly abrasion res... 
  • Thixotropic Silica

    Prevent Sags on Vertical Surfaces
    4 star rating
    A white, free-flowing powder, Thixotropic Silica is a thickening agent primarily added to resin to prevent run-off...
  • Talc

    Cost-Effective Filler for Sanding
    5 star rating
    Talc is a component in most body fillers, and is often added for fairing and smoothing the finish of fiberglass...