Sandwich Core Materials are lightweight, structural layers that are embedded between laminate layers in order to build bulk and strength for a part—without adding significant weight. By employing sandwich core materials in your part or mold, you can achieve much higher flexural strength and flexural modulus than using skin laminates alone.

Want to learn more about Sandwich Core? Visit the Learning Center and read our white paper, Guidelines for Sandwich Core Materials.

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Sandwich Core materials from include:

  • Nomex® Honeycomb--Offers the very best strength-for-weight ratio in this category; flexible, fire retardant, and delivers good impact resistance.
  • End Grain Balsa--Conforms to practically any simple curve and most gradual curves.
  • Foam--Includes sheets of vinyl and polyisocyanurate, as well as mix-and-pour foam; all are closed cell and resist water, gas, and oil.

All the Sandwich Core materials in this category are compatible with epoxy, vinyl ester, and polyester resins, and can be used for most lay-up techniques, including vacuum bagging and infusion.

To see how Sandwich Core is used during the vacuum bagging process, visit the Learning Center and read Vacuum Bagging Equipment & Techniques. You can also view An Introduction to Sandwich Core Materials on the Fibre Glast Blog.

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