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Resin Trap
Protect your Pump

Don't let resin from the vacuum infusion process destroy your pump. This 2½ gallon stainless steel vacuum sealed tank is installed between the mold and the vacuum pump to capture excess resin that enters the vacuum line before it can damage your equipment. For a large project, or if your resin isn't infusing evenly, you can install multiple resin traps in-line. Be sure to apply mold release to all interior surfaces of the resin trap prior to lay-up so that after your infusion is complete, your cured resin will remove cleanly. Comes complete, including vacuum gauge, barbs for use with 1/2" Vacuum Tubing, and instruction manual.

Measures 17" H and 12" W. 2.5 gallon capacity.
Vacuum Infusion Trial Kit
Everything you need for Resin Infusion

We created our #590-A Vacuum Infusion Trial Kit as a means of familiarizing someone comfortable with the vacuum bagging process with the materials that are unique to vacuum infusion. We strongly suggest significant experience with both vacuum bagging and room temperature molding before tackling resin infusion. This kit contains enough material to build 3 infusion trial projects up to 24" x 13" each. After completing these 3 "practice" laminates you will be familiar with EnkaFusion Nylon Matting, Lantor Soric®, EnkaFusion Filter Jacket and Divinymat Sandwich Core. You will be able to judge the differences in resin travel and conformability and determine which products suit your future infusion applications. Additionally, you will be able to install your vacuum and resin lines and get some experience controlling your resin bucket and resin flow.

In order to use the kit, you will need your own vacuum pump, bagging materials and vacuum tubing to attach to the bag. Also, you will need to supply your own resin and reinforcement. Last, you will need a mold that will require a laminate no larger than 24" x 13" that also has a relatively large flange.

This kit will supply everything you need for:

  • One laminate using EnkaFusion Nylon Matting as a Flow Media
  • One laminate using Lantor Soric® as a Flow Media
  • One laminate using Divinymat® Sandwich Core as a Flow Media
  • Includes:

  • #505-A Resin Bucket 1 Gallon (x3)
  • #512-B Resin Line Holder (x3)
  • #893 Vacuum Tubing 5'pieces (x3)
  • #1601 Zip Strips (x6)
  • #1400 Filter Jacket 5" (x3)
  • #582 Peel Ply 5'x5" pieces (x3)
  • #1024 Divinymat® 24"x16"
  • #1401 Nylon Matting 24"x13"
  • #1605-A Flow Regulator (x2)
  • #1606-A Spring Clamp
  • #906-A T-Fittings (x6)
  • #1400 Filter Jacket 18" (x3)
  • #1403 Spiral Tubing 5' pieces (x3)
  • #582 Peel Ply 20"x5" pieces (x3)
  • #1409 Lantor Soric® 24"x16.37"
  • Instruction Sheet
  • If you can vacuum bag, you can infuse resin. The objective of this kit is to help you make informed decisions about choosing your flow media, placing and using spiral tubing and designing successful experiments for your own projects in the future. After completing these trial projects, you will be confident in planning your future flow media and resin line set up. You will be familiar with all of the terms used in this brochure and hopefully, will be able to reduce the learning curve and costs associated with the trial and error of successful vacuum infusion!

    EnkaFusion Nylon Flow Media
    Fastest Resin Infusions

    Our #1401 EnkaFusion® Nylon Flow Media offers the fastest resin flow rates. Made of randomly oriented and entangled nylon filaments, this flow media limit resin retention and can be used on the surface or as an interlaminar media. This product is compatible with all of our resins and is available in multiple roll lengths, all rolls are 39" Wide.

    Vacuum Infusion

    Long known as the experts in fiberglass technology, Fibre Glast Developments, Inc. has once again taken the lead in the field of vacuum infusion. From a comprehensive step-by-step guide to a full range of product solutions, including a customized trial kit, Fibre Glast has it all.

    Resin infused parts generally obtain higher strength-to-weight ratios than hand lay-ups or traditional vacuum bagging. Utilizing a dry lay-up with unlimited set-up time, vacuum pressure is used to drive resin into the laminate. The process is clean, efficient, and capable of producing stronger and lighter parts!

    To learn more, check out the links listed below. is the worlds leading supplier of Vacuum Infusion supplies and equipment.

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