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Resin Trap

Capture Excess Resin and Protect your Pump

Don't let resin from the vacuum infusion process destroy your pump. This 2-12-gallon stainless steel, vacuum-sealed tank is installed between the mold and the vacuum pump to capture excess resin that enters the vacuum line before it can damage your equipment.

  • Apply mold release to all interior surfaces of the resin trap prior to lay-up for easy clean-up once infusion is complete.
  • Trap comes complete with vacuum gauge, barbs for use with 12" vacuum tubing, and instruction manual.
  • 17" high, 12" wide; 2-12-gallon capacity

PLEASE NOTE: For larger projects or those where resin does not infuse evenly, install multiple in-line resin traps.

This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a large box.
Resin Trap

This Resin Trap is sold by the unit.


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