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60/120" Centerfold - 1 yard Roll - Short Roll
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60"/120" Centerfold - 5 Yard Roll - Short Roll
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Stretchlon® 800 Bagging Film - Clearance

Suited for High-Temp Applications up to 400°F

Stretchlon® 800 bagging film stretches up to 450% its original length. It's designed to cover multiple contours and compress all the areas of your mold, even for more complex shapes.

  • Stretchlon® 800 is suited for use in temperatures up to 400°F.
  • Stretchlon® 800 can be used with all of the resins on our website, inlcluding epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester.
  • Film is available in a flat 60"-wide sheet, and a 120- wide sheet that is centerfolded to 60" wide.
  • Stretchlon® 800 feels more durable to the touch; 0.002" thick.
  • For even greater stretch in your bagging film, consider Stretchlon® 200, #1678/#1778. Stretchlon® 800 is slightly thicker than its counterpart, but offers higher temp usage.

Stretchlon® 800 is a registered trademark of Airtech International.

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