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3M™ Wetordry™ Sandpaper

3M™ Wetordry™ Sandpaper

Don't Forget This Important Step! 

We recommend sanding your plugs, molds, and finished parts. Time spent on each of these stages will pay dividends in the longevity and quality of all parts. First, be sure your plug has a perfect surface prior to making a mold. Then wet sand new molds to achieve a perfect surface before polishing. Finally, finish sand your part to give it the deepest shine and a perfect finish.

Your carbon fiber parts will have much greater depth if the surface is perfectly level, smooth, and finished. Using consecutively finer grades of sandpaper from 240-600, any orange peel, texture from PVA, or other imperfections in the mold surface or finished part can easily be removed.

You can also use these sheets for leveling of external gel coat repairs. Each combination package includes 240, 320, 400, 500, 600 grit. 
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Description Item # Price Qty
1 Sheet of Each (5 total sheets)
968-A $9.95
5 Sheet of Each (25 total sheets)
969-A $44.95
10 Sheet of Each (50 total sheets)
970-A $79.95

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3M™ Wetordry™ Sponge Pad
Ideal for Finish Sanding

Our #962 3M™ Wetordry Sponge Pads are ideal for sanding the entire work surface once it's fair and level. Primarily used with fine grit sandpaper for finish sanding, these sponge pads work best with light pressure applied. Simply wrap the sandpaper around the pad. Applies even pressure to eliminate fine scratches and finger waves in the final finish. 
Hard Rubber Sanding Block
Great for Heavy Sanding

Our #961 Hard Rubber Sanding Block allows you to hand sand your mold, plug or composite part without leaving finger pressure marks. By using a rubber block, you can quickly and effectively sand flat surfaces. This product is also great for removing materials from only high areas until they blend well with the overall surface. This versatile block can be used wet or dry with any grade of paper during rough shaping of the plug or finish sanding the clear gel coat on a cosmetic repair.  

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